Learn how to read and write music!  This course covers all the basics to understand how to read and notate music.  Students will learn how to clap rhythms, read music from a score, find notes on the piano, and play a simple song with melody in one hand and harmony in the other.  No prior music experience required!

Please note that starting Fall 2014, this course will no longer count toward the core for new students or those starting a new/revised degree plan. Please check with an advisor to confirm whether or not this course will apply to the core requirements of your degree plan.



3 Credits (3 hrs. lec.) A course for developing basic music skills with emphasis on music reading and elementary music theory for the nonmusic major and the classroom teacher. (5009045526) Prerequisites: ENGL 0305 or ENGL 0365 AND ENGL 0307 or ENGL 0375 OR higher level course (ENGL 1301) OR placement by testing