Lone Star College-CyFair has a number of state-of-the-art practice rooms that are acoustically treated with sound environment simulators.  Most have upright pianos available.

The practice rooms are available for use for students currently enrolled in music classes.  Those requiring special permission may contact Aaron Alon at aaron.alon@lonestar.edu.

To sign up to use a practice room, read this policy and indicate your agreement by filling out this form.

  1. In order to use a practice room, I will leave my student ID card with Priscilla Soto in TECH 123.  She will admit me to a practice room.
  2. As soon as I have finished using the room, I will clean up, lock the door, and sign out with Priscilla, picking up my student ID.
  3. Each student using a practice room must sign in.  If I am having a private lesson, I do not need to sign into a room, but I may only stay in the room while supervised by a Lone Star College faculty member.  While using the room, I will not allow others in the room unless they have checked out the room with me and also left their ID cards with Miriam.  No more than two people are allowed in a practice room at a time without special permission.
  4. I will report all damage to the practice room or any instruments immediately to Priscilla.  I will be held responsible for any damage to the practice room or any instruments in it while I have the room checked out.
  5. I will only use the practice room for music and music homework.  I will not use the room for private studying for other classes.
  6. With the exception of bottled water, food and drink are not allowed in the practice rooms.  I am still responsible for any damage caused by the water to the practice room or instruments in it.
  7. Practice rooms are available Monday-Thursdays 8AM-5:30PM and Friday 8AM-4PM.  Only those currently enrolled in a music course or who have obtained special permission may use practice rooms.
  8. Students who violate this agreement may be subject to punishments, including but not limited to being banned from practice rooms, fines, suspension, and expulsion.  The practice room policies are subject to change, so I will check this page at least once a semester to assure my continued adherence to the rules.

If you agree to the above, click here to fill out a practice room agreement.

LAST UPDATED: 19 February 2015