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cypeterson1If you are presently enrolled in Nursing as your field of study, or are thinking about it, you’ve chosen a very rewarding profession. In my 46 year career as a nurse, I have never had a boring or dull moment. In nursing, there is always new learning, new challenges and new avenues to keep you stimulated and ready for what’s just beyond the horizon. Meaningful moments occur every day, both for you and those with whom you come in contact. What other profession offers such a wide variety of career paths? My practice experience has been in Texas and New York, and includes Pediatric Oncology, Operating and Recovery Rooms, Emergency Room and Intensive Care, Public Health Nursing and Medical-Surgical staff positions. Teaching is an integral part of nursing. I have taught in both A.D.N. and B.S.N programs for 34 years, even as I continued to be involved in direct client care. I believe Nursing is a very special field and is truly a Calling that gives back even as it is given to others. Welcome, present and future colleagues!



B.S.N - Texas Woman’s University, College of Nursing, Denton/Houston, Texas
M.S.N.- University of Texas, Austin, Texas