ENGL 1301 Online Course Information, Spring 2015

This class is completely online, and it will be conducted via LSC-Online (D2L).

E-mail me with specific questions before classes begin.

Two books will be required for ENGL 1301 for spring 2015 (available to buy/rent from the college bookstore):

  • The Blair Reader, 8th Edition.  Ed. Kirszner and Mandell. 978-0-205-90184-5
  • A Writer’s Reference with Writing about Literature, 7th Edition.  Ed. Hacker. 9781457699726

Shop for books by section number, not simply by course; two different sections of ENGL 1301 may use different books. If you order via an online bookstore, allow yourself enough time before the first day of class to receive your books.

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