BIOL 1407 (2221) - 2015 Spring
BIOL 1408 (2809) - 2015 Spring
BIOL 1409 (2805) - 2015 Spring
BIOL 2416 (2131) - 2015 Spring


Vitae for Elizabeth Morgan

Contact Details & More

Name: Elizabeth Morgan
Location: LSC Kingwood
Office Phone: 281/312-1682
Bld/Office: Office not available
Title: Faculty - Professor
Position: Prof - Biology
2015 Spring
BIOL.1407.2221 (LEC) Biology II for Science Majors
BIOL.1407.2222 (LAB) Biology II for Science Majors
BIOL.1408.2809 (LEC) Biology I - Non-science Maj
BIOL.1408.2810 (LAB) Biology I - Non-science Maj
BIOL.1409.2805 (LEC) BIOL II - Non-Science Major
BIOL.1409.2806 (LAB) BIOL II - Non-Science Major
BIOL.2416.2131 (LEC) Genetics
BIOL.2416.2132 (LAB) Genetics




Welcome to the semester

November 9th, 2012 by emorgan

You will find your syllabus to the top left on the main page.

For those students who will be taking the 8 week online class, you will need to purchase a lab kit. You can purchase a redemption card for the kits from the LSC Kingwood bookstore (only). Kit 1286 for BIOL 1408 and Version 2 for BIOL 1409.

You can also purchase the kits directly from escience ( You should choose Introductory Biology version 1 for BIOL 1408 and version 2 for BIOL 1409. If you plan to take BOTH classes, you can save about $100 and purchase just one kit - version 3. The shipping directly from the escience site is about $20.

Please allow for 7-10 days for delivery. Since this is an 8 week course, the earlier you order, the sooner you get your kit.

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August 26th, 2011 by emorgan


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