Orientation for Spanish 2311
Professor Erich Polack

Phone: 281-618-5546.

Web page: www.lonestar.edu/blogs/epolack

E-mail: Erich.Polack@lonestar.edu

or thru D2L at http://myonline.lonestar.edu/



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Getting Acquainted with D2L for Span 2311

IMPORTANT: To register in MySpanishLab you need to have an email address, an access code and the course ID#. If you are taking;

Spanish 2311 section 1081 your course ID# is: CRSKLTJ-6036215



Spanish 2311 section 1082 your course ID# is: CRSKLTM-6036216


MySpanishLab features self-grading vocabulary, grammar and listening exercises as well as guided and open-ended web-based activities. Practice test, the complete audio program, and an interactive game and flashcard module are included to enhance vocabulary self-study.


The exams have a time limit.

·         PRACTICE YOUR SPANISH SKILLS. Click the Practica Oral link that you can find in every chapter to develop your oral skills in Spanish.

You can also practice and improve your oral skills by repeating the words and expressions from each vocabulary section of the book by clicking in the Vocabulary Flashcards section in the Review link of every chapter.