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Learning is a life-long process.  Might as well set your mind to enjoy it and make it fun.  Knowledge equals success, a path to happiness.

Why Are You In College?!
Job Skills For Success
Future Job Growth
University and Scholarship Information

Note: Both traditional and distance learning classes are textbook driven.  Lots of reading will be required!

ABOUT ONLINE CLASSES: Any online class should be EQUAL in the amount of workload and time as traditional classes. As part of Lone Star College System’s distance education, this course is designed to minimize campus attendance while still providing interaction between students and the instructor. This course is NOT an independent study course. We will be covering weekly topics with online group discussions and writing assignments. This course IS set up to give students considerable flexibility in tackling their course assignments and participating in class discussion. However, you are REQUIRED to keep up with assigned readings & instructor-provided materials, participate in weekly class discussion via the class bulletin board on ECollege, and complete class assignments by the assigned due dates each week.  You cannot wait until the end of the semester to do everything.  THERE ARE DEADLINES EVERY WEEK.


  • Internet Access (28.8 Kbps or greater).  If relying on Internet access through work, the student should verify with their network administrator whether network firewalls will interfere with internet access, and in particular, with Java access.
  • A fully Java enable browser (Microsoft Explorer 4.0 or higher/Netscape Navigator 3.0 or higher).

1. GO TO Distance Learning Website: ECollege

First Week of DL Class for Fall and Spring Classes:
1. Familiarize yourself with the ECollege website
2. Read the syllabus and orientation docs in the documents folder under the course content page
3. Take the Syllabus Quiz
4. Take the Plagiarism Quiz
5. Find your discussion group under the documents folder