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...visual communication .. web page design .. multimedia .. 3d animation and post-production ..graphic design

Distance Learning. . . . . kay

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Visual Communication . . . . .

The Visual Communication program offers an AAS degree with a specialty in five areas: Graphic Design, Web Design, Multimedia, Video and Post-Production, and 3D Animation. Six specialty areas are available for one-year certificates that can be completed quickly within three semesters.

On campus our open lab is located in the Digital Technology Center in room 109 and is equipped with the latest software from Adobe, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, AfterEffects, Dreamweaver, Flash. You’ll also find other popular software as 3Ds Max, Final Cut, and QuarkXpress. This lab is usually opened 6 days a week from morning until late evening.

If you have other questions regarding the visual communication program at Lone Star College-North Harris, I’ll be happy to answer them by e-mail or feel free to contact me by phone.

*AAS Visual Communication

Specialty Tracks:
Graphic Design
Web Design
Video and Post-Production
3D Animation


Graphic Design
Motion Graphics
Multimedia Designer
Web Design
3D Animation for Web and Multimedia
Video and Post-Production

Distance Learning. . . . . The distance learning classes for IMED 1316 Web Design I and Co-op don’t require any campus attendance. If you’ve never taken a distance learning course at Lone Star College, you’ll need to prepare your computer. Go to the link on the left “Preparing Class.”