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About Online Math Courses

My online courses cover about the same material, in about the same time-frame, as my College lecture courses. Online courses are designed for students who would prefer not to drive to campus every day and who can commit extra time to completing and submitting homework assignments on time. Most of my students in previous online math courses have had heavy work and family responsibilities but have also had convenient and reliable access to the internet. My former students were not computer ‘geeks’ but did have some computer skills and enjoyed using the internet. Communication with my students is almost entirely by E-mail through Desire To Learn(D2L). I am usually able to answer student questions during the same day that I receive them. I can safely say that all of my previous students who were successful in my online courses were self motivated and possessed excellent time management skills. The online format requires that you spend some time on the course each week. The software does not allow you to make-up quizzes and tests.

The online courses I teach are entirely online. There is no requirement to come to the campus. All homework quizzes and tests are taken online using WebAssign which is the software I use for all courses. You have one week from 5pm Monday to 5pm the following Monday to submit quizzes and tests. When you are ready to take a quiz or test you can access the testing software directly by logging into . The general setup of the course is to cover between two or three textbook sections per week over a 15 week semester(see Syllabus). In an online class it is important that you communicate with the instructor. The software used by the college as our Learning Management System is Desire 2 Learn(D2L). I check my D2L mail seven days a week. Don’t hesitate to send me a question regarding the material in the textbook or the WebAssign quizzes and tests. If you are having hardware/software problems you need to contact the helpdesk at Webassign.

You will have one week, 5pm Monday of one week to 5pm Monday of the following week, to submit answers to homework quizzes or test questions. Each section quiz will have 5 or 6 questions and each Test will have 20 to 25 questions. You will be given 45 minutes from the first Download for a quiz and 2 hours for a test. You will be allowed two submissions for each question. The correct answer will be marked with a green check and an incorrect answer will be marked with a red (x). The correct answer to the question will be shown after the second submission. The point total for the 5 quiz problems will vary depending on the number of parts for each question. The software scores each response as one point. For example, if each of the five questions has two parts the software will score the quiz at 10 points. The fourth test is not comprehensive and only covers material form the third test.

The WebAssign software will grade all of your homework quizzes and tests in the course. You can go to Grades on the WebAssign homepage to check your course grade at any time. The final course grade will follow the schedule below.

Grading schedule

90% - 100% = A

80% - 89% = B

70% - 79% = C

60% - 69% = D

< 60 % = F