About Me


My name is Lee Topham and my undergraduate degree is in Mechanical Engineering. I came to Houston from New Orleans in 1967 while working for a NASA contractor on the Apollo mission to the Moon. My job at NASA in the Clear Lake area was training astronauts to land the lunar module on the moon. The photo below is the lunar landing test vehicle built by Bell Aerosystems to simulate landing on the moon. Since the gravity on the moon is only about 1/6 of Earth’s gravity, the astronauts had to practice landings in a simulated environment.


I began teaching mathematics in 1969 at San Jacinto College in Pasadena, Texas. I’ve been teaching at Kingwood College (now Lone Star College-Kingwood) for about 25 years. Lone Star College-Kingwood is located about 17 miles North of Houston, Texas. Most of my teaching career has been in the classroom with subjects ranging from Beginning Algebra to Calculus. My online courses are taught from my office at the College which is located at 20,000 Kingwood Drive. My office is located in the Gymnasium, room FTC-100E. My office phone number at the college is 281-312-1685 and my school E-mail address is lee.j.topham@lonestar.edu.

My hobbies include ultramarathon runs on forest trails. Most of my race distances are between 50 kilometers and 50 miles. Times for these distances range from 6 hours to 12 hours. This type of running is a combination run-walk similar to fast hiking. The picture below was taken at a recent marathon I ran in Seabrook, Texas on a cinder trail.