PSYC 2306 (3001) - 2015 Spring
PSYC 2314 (3003) - 2015 Spring


Vitae for Margaret Jelinek Lewis

Contact Details & More

Name: Margaret Jelinek Lewis
Location: LSC Tomball
Office Phone: 281/401-1898
Bld/Office: Office not available
Title: Adjunct Regular
Position: Adjunct Fac - Psychology
2015 Spring
PSYC.2301.3013 (LEC) General Psychology
PSYC.2306.3001 (LEC) Human Sexuality
PSYC.2314.3003 (LEC) Life-growth/devel





Dr. Margaret’s Homepage

January 10th, 2014 by mjelineklewis

This blog the place to find general course information for my psychology classes, including syllabi and assignments. Click on the tabs for each course. See below for general information and requirements for letters of recommendation.

Please contact me via email if you have further questions:

You can find me on campus in S257-N, in the Honors Suite. My office has been temporarily relocated to Aberdeen, Scotland.

You can follow me on Twitter for quick updates & last minute information (& in case of hurricanes). Don’t worry — I will not follow you! You do not need a Twitter account to access this information: Click on the icon to the left and you will see the updates WITHOUT subscribing to Twitter.


  1. Online students must do the mandatory online orientation at LSC-Online.
  2. I will be using this blogsite to post assignments, syllabi and announcements. All syllabi and course assignments will be posted on this site under the appropriate course tab; however, most of the links go to googledocs (because I have run out of room on this site!).
  3. WHEN YOU EMAIL ME: You must include your name, course and section time (or “online”) in the subject. You may also wish to consider what your email name is; do you really want to email your professor from the email account name “hotbabe” or “partyanimal”??
  4. IF YOU CALL: You must CLEARLY AND SLOWLY leave your name, phone number (if you expect a return call), course and section time. I have over 125 students each semester; please don’t assume I recognize your name or voice. Moreover, ALL of my classes are PSYCHOLOGY classes; please tell me which psychology class of mine you are in (course number or name, such as “psyc 2314 online” or “psyc 2301 at 9:30 on campus”.)

About Me:

Background and current work:
I have a PhD in Developmental Psychology from The Ohio State University and a BA in Linguistics and Cognitive Sciences from Rice University.  My current current interests lie at the intersection of developmental psychology (specifically cognitive development — how thinking changes as we develop) and human sexuality: how we think about sex, sexuality, and relationships over time; how our *understanding* of sexuality develops. I find it fulfilling to talk to students about sexuality in a frank, factual manner because so often other people in their lives have avoided doing so. My previous research includes issues of reading and deafness, language processing, and language development. I have also worked in Assistive Technology, HCI and Computer Usability (yes, this is related to psychology!). This ties in to my current work, as I explore issues or get involved in projects involving sexuality and technology or social media.

When I’m on campus, I’m involved with the Honors College, which allows me to mentor bright students in completing research projects. Along with students from several groups across campus, I have organized the annual LSC-Tomball “Undies Run” to collect new in-the-package underwear for disadvantaged school-aged children. I am a member of the Gay-Straight Alliance.

Prior to coming to the Lone Star System in 2003, I taught at the University of Idaho in Moscow, Idaho and at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. Over the years, I have taught a wide range of classes: General Psychology, Research Methods, Human-Computer Interactions, Lifespan Human Development, Cognitive Psychology, Human Sexuality, and Psychology of Deafness. At LSC-Tomball, I teach courses in General Psychology (2301), Lifespan Development (2314) and Human Sexuality (2306).

Letters of Recommendation

I am generally happy to write letters of recommendation for students. Please ask me via email if I am able to write one for you (you can query before filling out the form). Two weeks advance notice is required to allow me to give them the careful attention such important letters deserve. Please fill out my letter of recommendation request form and email it to me as an attachment to Please also include a digital photograph of yourself. If you do not get a confirmation of receipt from me within 2 business days, please call me.

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