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Vitae for Margaret Jelinek Lewis

Contact Details & More

Name: Margaret Jelinek Lewis
Location: LSC Tomball
Office Phone: 281/401-1898
Bld/Office: Office not available
Title: Adjunct Regular
Position: Adjunct Fac - Psychology
2015 Spring
PSYC.2306.3001 (LEC) Human Sexuality
PSYC.2314.3003 (LEC) Life-growth/devel





Psychology in the Real World

Articles & Links will now be updated at:

These are links to articles and books that related to topics we deal with in class. I’ve attempted to group them by category, but of course some of the categories overlap and some of the articles cover many topics. And then there are some that just attempted to cover the whole field, such as:

50 Great Myths of Popular Psychology

Psychology and the Brain

Did your Brain make you do it? (NYTimes 7/27/12)

Legal issues and the brain: The Brain on Trial (The Atlantic, 7/2011)

Interview (5/31/11) with David Eagleman on his book “Incognito”:What’s Hiding In the Uncouscious Mind on the radio show “Fresh Air” - this has links to all areas of psychology — REALLY INTERESTING!

Listen to this NPR report on Shankar Vedantam’s book “The Hidden Brain” (2010) — this will become relevant when we discuss social psychology.


The Perils of Sacrificing Sleep for Studying (8/21/12) - NPR story

Brain Sweep Themselves Clean of Toxins During Sleep (10/17/13) - NPR


Simon Says Don’t USe Flashcards (NYTimes 8/23/12) - why play is important

How Family Wealth affects Learning (2012) - this is important for Lifespan Development issues

Quit Studying and Take a Test (NYTimes 1/20/11)

Thinking about bringing your laptop to class? This article on attention (2010) from the Chronicle of Higher Education might make you think twice!


When a boy wants to wear a dress (an article on gender identity disorder from NYTimes Magazine section, 8/8/12) and if that’s not enough, then decide who “wears the pants in the family”! In this case in Germany, it wasn’t the dad: he wore skirts to support his dress-wearing son.

Gender Identity is discussed in this NYTimes (12/2/06) article, Supporting Boys or Girls When the Line Isn’t Clear

GLBTQ (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning)

How My Daughter Became My Son, 2012 Lilith Magazine article

Transparent , a book about several transgendered teenagers

Sexuality Education (that is, Sex Ed)

OK, Cosmo (magazine) doesn’t qualify as Sex Ed, but this is a great article on why they talk about sex so much (from the NYTimes 8/3/12)

10 Things you didn’t know about orgasm (Ted talk)

Sex Ed in Washington, Op-Ed article in NYTimes 1/31/2010

When Sex Goes to School, book byKristin Luker referenced in the above article, on the wars over how we teach Sex Ed

Human Sexuality Research

Go to the Kinsey Institute website and learn about what research they are doing: start at or for

Love & Marriage

New Love: A Short Shelf Life (NYTimes 12/2/2012)

1970s-era Marriage agreement (from Lilith Magazine, 2012)

Thinking about Living together before marriage? why not!

What does your brain do when you’re in love? This is a nice summary: … and Here’s good advice: “Don’t copulate with people you don’t want to fall in love with” — from

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

ACK! Untreatable Gonorrhea! (US News 2/13/2012)

Getting Tested Together for HIV (10/18/13, NPR)

Washington, D.C.’s (2012) campaign for the female condom:


Why Fathers Really Matter (NYTimes 9/9/12) - a great article on epigenetics

“Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, Wives”, part one and part two – an August 2012 article in Texas Monthly that examines the war on women in Texas

Representative Lisa Brown’s comments during an abortion bill debate (6/13/12)

The Means of Reproduction: Sex, Power &  the Future of the World (2009), a book byjournalist and award-winning author Michelle Goldberg, about the politics of reproduction all over the world

Pregnancy & Birth

Why sharing bacteria in childbirth is so important (NYTimes 6/13/12) - no, it’s not gross, it’s Human Microbiomes! And here’s more: NYTimes 6/18/12

NYTimes on Homebirth (5/23/12)

The Business of Being Born (2007 documentary) - trailer and links to movie online

For Women Under 30, most births occur outside marriage (NYTimes 2/18/2012)

Meet the Twiblings in the NYTimes 12/29/10 … about twins, born 5 days apart (and other similar sets of siblings)


The Philosophical Baby (2009), a wonderful book by Alison Gopnik, a researcher in infant cognition


An Immune Disorder at the Root of Autism (NYTimes 8/12/12)

No link found between vaccines and Autism (NYTimes 2/2/10)


The End of Overeating (book)

Intelligence & Language

Alex and Me (book), with links to Dr. Pepperberg’s research on Alex and other African Gray parrots

Social Psychology

“Mistakes Were Made (but not be me)” is a great book by Carol Tavris and Elliot Aronson, two social psychologists who explain how self-deception works and how we can overcome it.

Disorders & Therapy

NYTimes article on Electroshock Therapy 1/23/11

Check out this fantastic article on The Americanization of Mental Illness from the New York Times (1/8/2010).