PSYC 2306 (3001) - 2015 Spring
PSYC 2314 (3003) - 2015 Spring


Vitae for Margaret Jelinek Lewis

Contact Details & More

Name: Margaret Jelinek Lewis
Location: LSC Tomball
Office Phone: 281/401-1898
Bld/Office: Office not available
Title: Adjunct Regular
Position: Adjunct Fac - Psychology
2015 Summer
PSYC.2306.3001 (LEC) Human Sexuality
PSYC.2314.3002 (LEC) Life-growth/devel
2015 Spring
PSYC.2306.3001 (LEC) Human Sexuality
PSYC.2314.3002 (LEC) Life-growth/devel
PSYC.2301.3013 (LEC) General Psychology





PSYC 2301

General Psychology

Fall 2014 textbook is “Discovering Psychology” (6th ed) by Hockenbury and Hockenbury.

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