Posted on October 22nd, 2009 by by mmcfarland

For Distance Learning Students (Internet):

Before you can access your course, you must complete the Mandatory Online Orientation.  This orientation is available now–read on.


How Does The Online Orientation Work? When you first log into ANGEL, your Course List will be empty.  You will see an ALERT about not being able to see your courses until you complete the Online Orientation. After you successfully score an 80% or better on the Assessment at the end of the orientation, your courses will be unlocked. Please allow up to an hour for your courses to be available after successfully completing the Assessment.  (NOTE: You will have unlimited attempts to score 80% or above on the Assessment.) If you are already familiar with ANGEL, you may go straight to the Assessment.

To Login to the Online Student Orientation, start here: Click on the “login button”.

Also, please be aware that there is some on-site, proctored testing required.  If you are taking the course outside the Houston area, scroll down and read the information at the bottom of this page….

Grading Scale:

A = 90-100%
B = 80-89%
C = 70-79%
D = 66-69%
F = 65% or lower

For distance students, one or more proctored tests must be taken at any Lone Star College testing site–unless another site is pre-approved by the professor by the deadline below.  If you will not be living in the Houston area while taking the course, please locate and identify a proctor in the area where you will be living–state your name, specify the course and section you are enrolled in, and provide the following information about the proposed testing proctor: name, e-mail address, institution (such as a college or university), and phone number.  Send to the professor’s e-mail address at the top of this page.  For the Summer, 2010 semester, confirmation back from the outside proctor must be received by the professor no later than June 7, 2010.