Faculty Qualities of Excellence

Kristie Boston, MA – Faculty Fellow for Professional Development with contributions from Ericka Landry, Ed.D. – Director of Faculty Development

While you may have heard the phrase “Faculty Qualities of Excellence” (FQEs), it is time to clarify and reflect on these qualities as we move into 2020. First, and most importantly, these qualities were determined by faculty for faculty. They were driven by dedicated faculty with insight into best practices and passionate instruction. They connect closely with the tenets of integrity, student-focused education, and pedagogically based foundations of instruction. They exemplify the Lone Star College expectations for faculty.

There are five parts of the FQEs: a preamble and the four qualities. Each part is important and represents a facet of excellence demonstrated by faculty at LSC.

PDF link available by selecting image

The Faculty Senate Presidents (shout out to Dave Gaer!) have created a video to discuss the FQEs and it is worth watching!

FQEs with the Faculty Senate Presidents

Moving forward, UP faculty professional development opportunities will highlight each of the FQEs. Each session offered will indicate the FQEs that are emphasized, the Innovation Conversations will tag the appropriate FQEs, and additional opportunities to explore and develop these qualities in your own practices will be available.

We welcome your comments and questions, but especially your indication of which of the FQEs you’d like additional assistance in exploring and understanding in the upcoming semesters.



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