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My Life

I born Amarillo, Texas. When I was one year old, my family moved to Montclair in Los Angeles, California. Then when I was nine years old, we moved to Bakersfield, California (two hours north of Los Angeles) and stayed there until I graduated in 1988. I met Vicki at Gallaudet in 1990 and met her again in summer 1991. We fell in love and got married in July 1993. I have been married to my wonderful wife, Vicki, for 14 1/2 years.


I went to Bakersfield College before transferred to Gallaudet University in 1989. After ten years later, I went back to school at Austin Community College, 2000-2003. Transferred to North Harris College, 2003-2004 and obtained an Associates of Arts degree. I attended to Lamar University in Beaumont, 2005-2007 and obtained Bachelor Science degree in Health Education. I am currently studying master’s degree in Deaf Education/Deaf Studies at Lamar University. I will be expected to graduate this December 2008 with Master Science degree. I am currently taking Whitefield Theological Seminary online and studying master of divinity in pastoral theology.

M.Div, Pastoral Theology, Whitefield Theological Seminary, Present
M.S., Deaf Studies & Deaf Education, Lamar Unviersity, 2008
B.S., Health Education, Lamar Unviersity, 2007
A.A., General Studies, North Harris College, 2005


I used to play:

Football: 1983-1989 - OJ Actis Jr. High School, Highland High School, Bakersfield College and Gallaudet University

Baseball: 1976-1984, 1990 - Summer league and short played for Gallaudet University (I was quitter and am regretted I should not quit team).

Basketball: 1983-1988, 1990 - OJ Actis Jr. High School, Highland High School and Gallaudet University

Softball: 1986-1990, 1991 - Summer league, church league, IM league at Gallaudet University and church league

Soccer: 1978 - Summer league

Track: 1983-1988 - OJ Actis Jr. High School and Highland High School

Golf: Since 1996 and currently play for Southeast Texas Deaf Golf Association in Houston, Texas


I am born-again Christian since 1990, discovered the Reformed Faith in 1992 and involved ministry since 1990. I used to be participated Baptist but left Baptist for Presbyterian. I am currently pastor at the Deaf Presbyterian Church in Houston, Texas since October 2005.


I am part time ASL Instructor at Lone Star College and Houston Community College in the Houston; part time pastor; and part time independent contractor for Sorenson. My passion is to teach ASL and the concept of Deafhood.

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