Posted on November 13th, 2009 by by John King

Faculty Site FAQs

How do I upload my syllabus/vitae in myLoneStar?

Instructions are available in the syllabus/vitae guide.

How do I request a Faculty Website?
A form is available online at

What do I need to do every semester or year?
You should make sure your syllabus and vitae documents are up-to-date by using the online syllabi and vitae tools.

Can someone change or download and change my syllabus after I upload it?
Once your syllabus is uploaded to your site students will be able to view the document but they will not be able to edit the file.

Will all my education be pulled through on the vitae form?
All educational data that exists with HR will be pulled in,  but this is limited to actual degrees; meaning, items such as certificates will not be pulled.

Will my position information appear on my Web site?
Since many faculty members have multiple positions, the position information is not displayed on your site to help avoid confusion.  You can, however, add your position information to the content of your page.

Can I insert my html code into my site?
Yes, there is a built-in html tab in the WordPress application that allows you to add basic html to your site.  Keep in mind, however, that the system may strip out some scripting as a safety feature to prevent potential data corruption

How do I get training?
Quick start training options are available through video tutorials and a recorded training session at  Instructor-led classes are also being scheduled at each campus and are listed online at

Will my personal information display?
No personal information will automatically display on your site.

What information is automatically added to the page?
By default, each faculty Web site will include official contact information to include name, campus location, office phone, building/office number, email address, and courses taught.  Each site will also include a link to syllabi and vitae information.

Can I add documents to my new site?
Yes, you can add documents to your site by logging in to your site and using the add media tool available in the text editor for each page.  Video help is available online at

Does this include adjunct faculty?
Yes, adjunct faculty will also have a site that will include the basic contact information along with Syllabus and Vitae documents that will need to be uploaded using the Syllabus/Vitae tool online.

Do I have to allow commenting on my site?
No, you can turn off commenting for any page you create by unchecking the “Allow Comments” box in the Discussion are of your Edit Page screen.

Can I change the look of my site?
Yes, in addition to the default theme for your site there 5 other page layouts you can use.  To add a new theme, login to your site and then go to Appearance > Themes to select your new theme.

Where can I find the training Documentation?
You can find the Training Documentation Here.