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Distance Learning. . . . .

 Let me introduce myself.
My name as you can see from the rather understated banner above is Kendall Lawrence and I will be your instructor in ARTC 1302, Digital Imaging I and ARTC 1313, Digital Publishing I for Distance Learning.

I have worked in the Graphic Design industry for over 15 years designing brochures, logos, newsletters, news ads, magazine ads, direct mail pieces, flyers, posters, large presentation boards and websites. I have been happily married for 15 years and have 3 wonderful children.

The course, Digital Imaging I, is designed to give you a comprehensive introduction to Digital Graphic Design using Adobe Photoshop CS and Digital Publishing I is an introduction to Desktop Publishing using Adobe InDesign.

Prerequisite to this course is an ability to apply yourself to a task without direct supervision and, as in most things, what you take out of this course will be directly proportional to what you put in. Materials include Adobe Photoshop CS3 (ARTC 1302) or Adobe InDesign CS3 (ARTC 1313) for Macintosh or PC(program, see below), and “Adobe Photoshop CS3, Classroom in a Book”(ARTC 1302 textbook) or “Adobe InDesign CS3, Classroom in a Book”(ARTC 1313 textbook). Your first step is Distance Learning Orientation during which you will be instructed how to sign on to the class. To begin your journey.

I look forward to working with each and every one of you and to a very productive and successful semester.

IMPORTANT!The programS: Adobe Indesign CS3 AND Adobe Photoshop CS3 are available as part of the Adobe Creative Suite package. These can be purchased at special educational prices at

Kendall Lawrence