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Hello! If you are interested in taking Lifespan Development Online or Human Sexuality Online with Prof. Sumrall, please read on. I hope I have all the answers to your questions. If not, please email me at Kevin.W.Sumrall@lonestar.edu and I’ll get right back with you. I know online courses can be intimidating, and I want to make every effort to put your mind at ease. The classes are challenging, but stright-forward and manageable.
Frequently asked questions and important information about Prof. Sumrall’s online classes:
Can I get a syllabus? -Yes, the syllabi are to the right. I teach every semester, and teach both online and in the traditional classroom. Be sure you download the syllabus for the online class and for the right semester. PSYC 2306.4002 is the Human Sexuality Online course that begins January 12, 2015.  PSYC 2306.4003 is the Human Sexuality Online course that begins March 12, 2015 and runs for 8-weeks.  PSYC 2314.4004 is the Lifespan Development Online Course that begins January 12, 2015. This page generated by the college system does not work for everyone. Be sure your Pop Up Blocker (usually found under “Tools”) is turned off. If you have difficulties downloading the syllabi, please email me and I will send you a copy. Changes may occur (such as due dates, etc) in the syllabus before class begins, so always download the syllabus from within the class once the class begins.

What textbook do I need for Lifespan Development, PSYC 2314? Kathleen Berger. Invitation to the Life Span. 2nd ed. Worth Publishers. (2013). ISBN: 978-1429283526.

What textbook do I need for Human Sexuality, PSYC 2306? Bruce King and Pamela Regan. Human Sexuality Today. 8th ed. Pearson. (2014). ISBN: 978-0205988006.
Where can I get the textbook? The text should be available at Lone Star College-Montgomery (where I teach).  The text is also available online from many suppliers. Please be aware that many online book sellers may send their books “media mail” unless otherwise specified. Media mail can take up to two weeks to receive. If you are ordering your text a week or two before class it is advised to use UPS or some form of expedited shipping. It is the students’ responsibility to have the text on the first day of class.
Can I use an earlier edition of the text? This is not advised. Quiz questions are based upon the latest information contained in the current edition of the textbook. Please purchase the correct edition.
How does the class work? What do I have to do? There will be a multiple-choice online quiz each week of the long semester (or more frequently during short semesters) over material covered in one or two chapters of your text and one or two powerpoint presentations from your professor. There will also be a few online discussions. There is no final or paper.
Do I have to take exams on campus or is there an orientation on campus? No. There is no need to be on campus.
May I work ahead? Students cannot enter online classes early, but once the class opens you may work ahead as material and quizzes are available. By mid-semester, all class materials will be open. If you would like to read your textbook before classes open please begin with chapter 2 for the Lifespan class. For the Human Sexuality class, begin with chapter 1.
Do I need to be online at specific times? No. You will, however, need to make progress in the class each week (or each day during short semesters). If you will be without reliable internet access for more than a week, then this class is not well suited for you.
If the class is full, can I get permission to add the class? No. Per department policy, classes are not allowed to go over the limit.
What do I need to do to be sure my computer is ready? This is very important. The class is simply not workable for a student without reliable internet service and the professor cannot simply give students a pass because they had a technical problem. It is the students’ responsibility to be prepared to take an online class and have a computer capable of handling the needs of an online course. If you have not taken an online class before, go to The Lone Star College-Online homepage at www.lonestar.edu/lsc-online.  This page features a link “Get Started” in a box on the right side. Please follow all the directions there and take the mandatory orientation. There is no need to download the “Respondus” program. On the first day of class, log into the class.
I look forward to our class beginning.
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