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My name is Padmaja Vedartham, I have many passions which includes Teaching A&P, Nutrition, learning Math and A&P  which utilizes my left brain. I also like to use my right brain : meaning I have many fun filled hobbies. I love to dance, presently am enjoying Zumba . I would like to eventually go to Bharatanatyam ( a classical Indian dance form). I need to build up strength and flexibility. I love to exercise so I combine my dance and exercise together. I like to walk and run. Another passion of mine: dogs.
I am a  Professor and a Lead faculty of Biology in the Division of Science and Public health. I just got selected as a Fellow to Academy.

Lone Star College Cy-Fair is a proud host of  Regional Science Olympiad on March 23rd, 2013. For details visit the website: .

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Biol 1406:

Advice: Mark your calendars for the exams, taking make-up exams should not be an option.

Students who are enrolling for my classes, make sure you read this. as I use website a lot for regular classes also. The district has started using Angel as a platform for E-Classroom. I have been using WebCT for first five years and really enjoy working with it and Vista  only enhanced the joy. I am really proficient in it and would love to help guide you through it. If this is the first time you are in an online class, please do not hesitate to tell me, all I ask is your perseverance and hard work.

Though General Biology is not a prerequisite for A&P, it is highly recommended that you take Biol.1406 or Biol 2404 before you join A&P.


General Biology I and Anatomy & Physiology requires a lot of practice and repetition of the course content. I will be providing you many websites where you can practice at home. If you like this format you may try to take one of the many online courses that our district has to offer.

General Biology would meet the science requirements by  most of the universities. Make sure you ask the counselors or advisors of the department you wish to transfer to. General biology is not hard for those who are organized and committed to finishing their work in timely fashion. So, please do not procrastinate. Be regular with your work.

Anatomy and Physiology is a prerequisite required  by many heath related professional courses. These courses are very intense and the programs you would like to get them transferred to require you to perform very well and very grueling. So, my sincere advise for you is to get into it with wide open eyes. Get as much information before joining as possible. Take as many science courses as your time would permit, be prepared-it is a Junior level University course not even Sophomore. You need to know the vocabulary, the terms and the skill to study Biology.

For all students who are scared of science or biology, visit these websites. Please follow the guidelines given in these websites, they are very useful.

How to get good grades in Biology: Biology Study Skills

How to read a Biology textbook effeciently: Biology Reading Skills.  Happy Reading!!!