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Fall 2014

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NOTE: The originally scheduled HUMA.1302.2004 course has been changed to the HUMA.1302.2X04 late-start, 8-week course. It will start on October 20, pending sufficient enrollment.

Welcome to my faculty homepage. As you can see from the courses linked above, I currently teach distance-learning World History to 1492 and Intro to the Humanities I & II. You can access your online course at www.lonestar.edu/lsc-online.

Before starting any of my classes, please obtain a valid LSCS library card. The bar code on the back will enable you to access the library’s online journal database, which you will need for your term paper and other research. You can even order your LSCS library card online. For more information, visit the Get a Library Card page on the LSCS Library site.

You can order the required books by visiting LSC-Kingwood Bookstore. The LSC-North Harris Bookstore serves all online classes.

A note about textbooks: On the LSC bookstore websites the textbook info for my classes can be a bit confusing. Basically, the online bookstore offers you different versions of the same texts: hard copies to buy outright (new or used); hard copies to “rent” (again, used or new); and in some cases e-books, which you can view digitally on your computer, to buy or rent. I’ve also tried to select books that are available as e-books.

Whichever version you want to buy—new, used, rented, e-book—is up to you. Just be sure to get a version listed on the pages here describing your course.

Regards, and feel free to email me at Robert.C.Davis@LoneStar.edu if you have any questions about my courses.


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Cheap Textbooks…

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All of the textbooks for my courses are available at LSC-Kingwood (for courses I teach at this campus) and at LSC-North Harris (for all Distance Learning courses). As well, they are available online through www.bkstr.com.

However, I recommend you check the following sites, where you can order the required texts much cheaper than at the college-affiliated bookstores/sites. Often, these books can be found elsewhere online at a fraction of the price. For the main textbooks, check the following places:





Also, throughout the Houston area, check Half Price Books stores.

Hope this helps.

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